Partner with my pizza shop

Earn 30% recurring commission by recommending My Pizza Shop

Two types of partnership

Affiliate Partner

  • You refer your customers/audience/fave restaurant to My Pizza Shop 

  • You get 30% recurring commission on every subscription coming from you.

  • We provide customer support

Reseller Partner

  • You sign up to My Pizza Shop and resell the service to your customers

  • You mark up the price and earn the difference.

  • We support you.. You provide customer support to your customers.

How does it work


Sign up for a partner account.

Recommend or build

Share My Pizza Shop with your customers/friends/audience or build an online ordering capable for your customers using our platform.


Get 30% recurring commission on each client referred, or the price difference if a reseller.

Who can become a partner


You can offer online ordering websites for your customers


As a freelancer you can use our solution to deliver online ordering for your customers


If you are influencer or blogger you can share our unique link with your audience.

My Pizza Shop customers

If you're already using My Pizza Shop in your own pizzeria you can recommend our service to other owners and earn commissions.

Restaurant staff

From the janitor to the GM you can refer our product to other shops.

Tech integrators

POS systems manufacturers or other solutions for restaurants can both integrate with us and become partners

Frequently asked questions

Partner with My pizza shop